The UK Riots…Is Hip Hop To Blame?

We are now nearly a week on from the worst night of mass violence in recent UK memory.

In an attempt to understand why this happened the media have gone down the traditional route of “blame the parents” and the slightly more ridiculous “mindless criminality” (assuming that just because they clearly write their articles without the use of a brain that others could commit mass destruction without their brains going through any sort of thought processes, which would make them innocent)

Coming back from that tangent i’d like to identify what I think caused the riots.

Hip Hop


Hip Hop

I feel that all aspects of the rioting can be blamed on the hip hop influence on these dangerous london estates. I hear rappers bragging about how many times they’ve been shot and how they used to “sling yay” (sell drugs) and I feel that the kids in these areas have no role models apart from these famous criminals.

These children have an all or nothing attitude and feel that they will either become a multi millionaire or will not see 30. That is why the world of crime is so appealing to them. This point can be best summed up using the title of 50 Cents album “Get Rich or Die Trying” which seems to be something that these children live by. These rappers who brag about their antics give off the impression that shooting people and selling drugs is fine as they ended up famous millionaires anyway.

The riots themselves were sparked by the shooting of a criminal however the looting wasn’t a political statement, they weren’t looking for food and bread but stealing electronic items that they can’t afford, clothes and bling.

So essentially they steal because they are told that they need to have all these material objects that they just can’t afford. The solution to this would be to advertise differently around the country and only let them see things that they can afford.

They are poor because they can’t get proper jobs. They can’t get proper jobs because they look upto rappers in particular UK rappers who are significantly thicker than their US counterparts. Essentially what i’m saying is that if one of this “urban mandems” walked into an interview weilding a first class honours degree in arcitecture from a red brick uni I would be unable to give them a job because THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH. They are completely disconnected from society because they copy people like Dappy and Tinie Tempah who are at best illiterate. They call each other “blad” which is another glorification of US gang culture. They call each other “mandems” I honestly have no clue what this means and from personal experience they threaten to “shank” you which means they will stab you. However the most shocking one that I heard reported from the other night was that these children reffered to the police as “feds”.

To some up Hip Hop is responsible for why they can’t get jobs, why they feel the need to steal and why they stole what they stole.

The solution would be to ban criminals from becoming rappers or censor their content. I beleive in rehabilitating criminals but the success of a former violent criminal should be capped and it should never get to the point where they are given a platform on which they can brag and glorify gun crime and drug deals.